Drawing picture frame by Nigerian Artist

Drawing is so intriguing and beautiful to own in homes hanged beautifully on the wall.

Ayeola ayodeji is an art graduate of Yaba College of  Technology in the art of Lagos state Nigeria.
His artwork adorn the walls in many homes and offices. commissioned by Individuals and corporate organization for incentive gifts to special clients and customers or as sent forth gift to staffs leaving the company.

The waoh reaction when daughter presented her mum a gift of portrait painting early hour of her birthday in US home. Size 16x20 / Artist: Ayeola Ayodeji

Great reaction when a whiteman got presented a replica painting of him dressed in Igbo attire
Size 16x20 / Artist: Ayeola Ayodeji

An incensive gift from a bank to a client.
Size 10x12/ Artist: Ayeola Ayodeji

 Size 24 x 36/ Artist: Ayeola Ayodeji

Boss birthday at work got a gift of portrait painting presented by staffs done by Artist Ayeola Ayodeji  Size 16 x 20

Professional Drawing Painting ArtistAyeola Ayodeji.

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